19 March, 2010

18 March, 2010

Rastafari Woodsprite

Everything is irie man....irie! LOL! I would like to say this was my idea but it was my very good friend Ivan´s idea. He wanted me to make a rastafari fairy for his rastafari friend and I of course made it immediately as I thought it would be adorable....and it is!
Cool ha?


17 March, 2010

Blue Petals and Berries

(Smiling). Isn´t she sooo cute? This little fairy has to be one of my favorites I have made. I love mixing colors with the fairies to make them look like they were born in a flower garden....an english flower garden at that. I was also very excited to use the burly acorn cap as a hat this time. She inspires me to make more fairies with petals. The little girls seem to love them a lot too.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day sprinkled with sweet fairy dust. xoxo

16 March, 2010

For The Love of Red Heads

I apologize to all who have been waiting for a whole month for more little fairy creations. I am so happy to now have the time to post the newest additions to the fairy and woodsprite world. Before I left for my trip in February, I bought a lot of new supplies including this gorgeous red hair. Isn´t the color stunning? I have always admired red heads......just beautiful. This is my ode to the pretty red heads in the world.

I have a lot more sweet fairies ready for you to enjoy and will be back to posting one everyday!

Mucho Amor from Chile xoxo

12 March, 2010

Big Aftershocks!

Just when I thought it was over, Santiago just got hit again with not one but two big earthquakes just minutes apart. The first one was 7.2 and the second was 6.9! These are big earthquakes people. I honestly can´t believe that this city is back to business hours after. This time we were not at the apartment. We were on our way to see Havana´s physio-therapist and were in the car when the first one hit. The car started rocking back and forth as we waited for the red light. My friend and I looked at each other and realized another big one was happening. You could see people running out of the buildings to the sidewalk as the glass doors of the building were shaking back and forth. I am trying to put on a brave face being down here right now. I am from LA and I have felt many earthquakes before so I am familiar with this feeling but this is getting crazy! When will they stop??
My baby daddy keeps asking us if we want to come home but I still don´t feel like it is necessary. There has been no structural damage here in Santiago that would make me feel we were in danger but I still keep thinking in the back of my mind that another giant one will hit. As a consequence of all these earthquakes I am having the sensation of the earth moving all the time. I have learned that I am not the only one who is affected like this.

I am still staying here until the end of my trip for now.

Will post more tomorrow as I have more time to sit a computer.

Have a great weekend everyone!

03 March, 2010

My Chilean Earthquake Experience!!!!

Hello all,

WOW!! I am just now getting access to a computer. I have travelled to Chile before and knew it was earthquake territory but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be here when a big one hit. I currently live in Toronto but I am originally from Los Angeles, California and have experienced many earthquakes including the Northridge earthquake about 15 years ago. That was scary but this 8.8 earthquake here in Chile was absolutely frieghtening!!

I rented an apartment in El Golf neighborhood which is a very nice part of Santiago. We are on the second floor of a 15 floor building. I am down here alone with my daughter as she is receiving special physio-therapy from a wonderful therapist here who created Medek therapy.

My daughter and I were sleeping in the same bed that night. I woke up at around 3:30am to a rumbling feeling and sound. I immediately thought....´oh my god we are having an earthquake, we´ll be ok´ but it only took mere seconds for me to realize this was not a little earthquake and that I needed to take cover. My heart was pounding so fast and I grabbed my daughter (who was asleep the whole time) and crouched under a door way. Even on the second floor the building was moving in all directions and the sound was unbearable!! I could hear the building bending and cracking with a deep harsh sound and I could hear things breaking in the house. I could hear the earth rumbling! Honestly, it was unbelievable. I´m not sure if what I did was the right thing as the last time I had a class to prepare for an earthquake I was 16. I think I should have ran out of the house immediately but I was in total shock. So we rode it out and then I heard my neighbors rustling outside my front door and I grabbed a blanket, Havana´s Ativan (incase she had a seizure from waking her) and ran out as fast as I could. I didn´t even have time to put on shoes or get a flashlight, etc. There were quite a few of us that gathered in an open square next to the building. We stayed there for at least two hours talking to eachother. There we were, people from all over the world....Texas, New Jersey, Brasil, Toronto, Sweden. It is so interesting how disasters like this can bring people together. I learned that I am living next door to a Brazilian Reiki master with her husband, a little three year old and two beautiful teenage daughters. I have only been in Santiago for a few weeks and hadn´t met them yet but in that night we all bonded. I was going to get groceries on Saturday because I didn´t have much food left but because of the earthquake, everything was closed. This family invited us over for the whole day and fed my daughter and I. We shared our experiences together in English, Spanish and Portuguese. They gave me food for breakfast and then took me to the supermarket on Sunday. I am so greatful to this family. They opened their home and heart to me and my daughter in a time of need. I have spoken to them everyday since then and we are becoming friends.

The damage that most people are seeing on the news is primarily from the poorer parts of Chile and Santiago. My heart was aching as I saw people begging for help, water and food. Chile however is a very modern country, more than most people think. The architecture here is top notch and has been built to withstand an earthquake of this magnitude. The news does not show the city of Santiago but if they did you would see a beautiful city completely in tact and would blow your mind to think an 8.8 earthquake had just hit. There is a building right next to ours that is at least 30 floors and ALL glass and not one pane of glass is cracked or broken. It´s so impressive! For the magnitude of this earthquake, one would have expected more casualties. This is a testament to how modern this country is. But still, even one casualty is too many.

My heart goes out to those who lost their lives and to their families. Keep them in your thoughts.


11 February, 2010

Travel Day

I can't believe we are leaving tonight! I am so excited to be leaving this cold cold weather for the warm glimmering sunshine of Santiago, Chile. I am finally packed, it only took me a week. I did find out that when you travel business class you get to check in three bags.....THREE! And there I was trying to cut down my summer wardrobe....I added another bag, course....haha. We will be sitting in those pods. I'm so excited because I have never sat in them before. Should be perfect for a midnight flight, I'm just hoping the little one sleeps in it like it's her bed (fingers crossed).

I will try try try to post some pictures while I am down there. I don't have a laptop anymore unfortunately. Mine died two years ago and instead of replacing it I bought the mac home computer. I do love it, I just wish I could travel with it. Anyway, I will try to find a cool little coffee house where I can download pictures. I probably won't be back for another week or so. So please enjoy what I have posted so far.

I am so thrilled to be bringing all my craft supplies for fairy making. The fairy factory will be in full swing down there. I stocked up on beads, pipe cleaners and some gorgeous new silk yarns for the legs and embroidery. I plan to make quite a few fairies and I can't wait to show you each one as they are created.

See you soon from Chile!! Aye Yay Yay!!!


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